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Corner Protectors50mm 100mm

Plastic Corner protectors are very flexible to conform to cargo and returns to original shape for easy stacking when it is not in use. This type is lighter than steel Corner protectors, crack-resistant and withstands extreme temperatures.


When using lashing systems, take care not to damage the webbing components. In order to carry out safe lashing procedures, many applications require protection between the load and the lashing system.


Protection sleeves are available, together with moulded plastic corner pieces, polyurethane sleeves or pads. Protective sleeves manufactured from polyester provide resistance to abrasion. Sleeves are available to suit any application.


Corner Protectors are one of the most commonly used types of corner protectors as they can help protect tie-down straps from sharp edges and friction that could weaken the tie-down straps over time. This is a great investment for those who ship often as a way to make sure your tie-down straps remain safe to use.


Designed to protect ratchet lashings from sharp edges which could damage the lashing and reduce its working life


◆  Width: 50mm 100mm

◆  Heavy duty formed plastic construction.

◆  Protects straps from sharp edges.

◆  For maximum performance, thread straps through slots on both ends.

◆  Provides a protective barrier between load and lashing.

◆  Protects webbing from sharp edges and distributes forces over a wider area, protecting cargo from damage.

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