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Metal Strapping Seals13mm, 16mm, 19mm

Metal Serrated seals are made from thick galvanised hard steel, the finest raw materials and is rust resistant. They are specially designed inside treads grip strapping, it has a special serrated design inside the seal to grip the strapping, they are designed for smooth polyester strapping to keep the seal from losing grip on the strapping. Serrated metal strapping seals have serrated teeth on the inside of the seal which grips the strapping for an even stronger seal, which works to help improve the breaking strain of the strapping once secured. They can also be used with smooth or embossed polypropylene strapping. They are the maximum joint efficient that is available on the market, for use with 13mm, 16mm or 19mm wide PET, PP, steel strapping. Simply place the seal over the overlapping strap ends either during or after tensioning the strapping and close with a strapping sealer. When ordering metal seals, please ensure that you match the correct seal to your strapping width.


We Qingdao Strapping Pack Co.,Ltd. Specializing in manufacturing high quality metal serrated strapping seals, our strapping are DNV GL, ISO9001 certificate.


◆ High joint efficiency and plastic strapping hand tools.

◆ Heavy duty open serrated seals made

◆ Patented serrated pattern and high grade steel insures superior holding power

◆ Can be used with hand sealers/crimpers as well as a combination tool

◆ For use with polypropylene strapping and can also be used with polyester strapping

◆ To be used with tensioner and serrated sealer or serrated combination tool

◆ Width: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm

◆ Thickness: 0.6mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm

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