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What are the Main Features and Advantages of Composite Belts?

Apr. 18, 2024

As a Cord Strap Suppliers, share with you.

The main features and advantages of PET strapping:

As strong as a steel belt

Lightweight and portable

high pressure

Will not rust and weather resistant

Extremely strong UV resistance, very suitable for long-term storage applications

Cost-effective heavy-duty packaging options

Safe to use

Polyester strapping is used with manual tensioners and sealer tools with specific PET seals, or with batter-operated friction sealers/tensioners, without the use of any seals.

Composite belt

The composite strip adopts innovative co-extrusion technology, which combines strength, shock absorption, wear resistance and high joint efficiency into a user-friendly product. Also known as "synthetic steel" or "polyester strap", it is the latest development of strapping technology.

Composite Strapping

Composite Strapping

This type of strapping is light, flexible, without sharp edges, and can be used in countless applications. It is ideal for fixing and sealing fragile or fragile products. Composite strapping is a lightweight textile material, which means it is easy to use and will not rust, rot or leave marks on the surface. It has a high resistance, with a maximum breaking strain of 1500kg, and is best used manually with a tensioner and sealer.

The main features and advantages of composite belts:


Soft and flexible

Must not rust or rot

As strong as steel

High transverse strength

High shock absorption ability


If you want to use a safer strapping material than steel straps, then soft, soft braided straps are the ideal choice.

Using braid will never cut yourself, but it still provides extremely high tension. Braided strapping is equal to the breaking strain of steel strapping, but it is a lightweight product in comparison. In fact, the weight of the woven belt is only 15% of the belt of similar specifications. It is not affected by extreme temperatures, humidity or chemicals, and is easy to handle.

Woven strapping is stronger than any other type of strapping because it has more filaments woven together to increase strength. It also adds a hardener to the belt to make it hard enough for any industrial purpose.

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